How do we do it?

Through our life experiences and verifications, we developed a learning model with three practical tools, which, when applied consciously in daily life, allow us to connect with the infinite power that lives within each human being.

These three tools are:


You will recognize the beliefs and blockages that are limiting your potential.


You will discover your values, talents and unlimited abilities, so you can connect with the best of you, and activate your personal power.


You will learn to live the purpose for which you were created and we will celebrate your transformation together.

I am Amparo Trunik, an apprentice of life. I am passionate about working with people who want to connect with all their inner potential and can create for themselves the life they deserve.I became an ICF-accredited Coach, Mentor and Bioprogrammer so that I can serve others. 

Through my web site,, I share my knowledge and life experience.  I am able to contribute to the processes of transformation of global consciousness.Through my coaching, people and organizations will be able to recognize their potential, make a click of conscience, increase their confidence and enhance their life mission.

Testimonials and experiences Mind In Power

“Since I started the coaching sessions I have noticed how my confidence has increased, my connection with myself and I now feel more empowered to do new things for myself.”

-Yésica Uribe.


“A few months ago I was going through a difficult situation, my mood was low, with fears and insecurities. Working with Amparo during this time, setting myself goals week after week, has been a continuous motivation for me”.

-Suranny Otálvaro.

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