How does time come to an idea?

Throughout my life I have been “bombarded” by ideas, often utopian, I am a dreamer. Ironically, I chose a career in the exact sciences, which required me to somewhat prune the dreamy side of my personality. I have tried to stand out in that squared world, always giving the best of me; But no matter how hard I try, I can’t adapt to excessive competitiveness and pessimism. To tell the truth, I am not interested in competing and I am an enthusiastic optimist.

My process of spiritual growth has allowed me to mature to the point where I now understand that ideas do not belong to me, they are in the air in a different dimension than the third, ready to be captured by minds tuned to the same vibrational frequency. Various human beings are at all times vibrating in frequencies that connect them to each other through ideas that must materialize, utopias ready to be realized. I have been able to verify this a few times. For example, when writing an article on a specific topic I found another one that proposes the same hypothesis; or when thinking of someone, that person came into contact with me; or when I have dreamed of the pregnancy of a friend that I have not seen for a long time and suddenly she tells me that she is pregnant; or when I think of a project idea and I meet someone who is already doing it.

"My process of spiritual growth has allowed me to mature to the point where I now understand that ideas do not belong to me"

There are ideas and utopias of all sizes. There are tiny ones, the size of a flea, others the size of a person, family, neighborhood or city. But there are other giants capable of changing the history of entire civilizations. They all have one thing in common: they start as a dream, find a channel, and materialize to create quantum leaps in people’s lives. The minds that connect belong to the beings that have been prepared to do so…many times going through painful processes of transformation and deep suffering.

The dreamers are never alone, life is responsible for bringing them together, since they need each other to materialize the utopias that, in the end, are the engine of the world.

I understand that humanity is going through a turning point in its history, the moment when the time has come for the ideas that will help us transform ourselves into a collaborative and loyal civilization; a humanity made up of beings capable of assuming their own results, of maintaining an unalterable peace within themselves, of serving unconditionally and of being happy for themselves. We are in the transition from a humanity based on the ego to another capable of love, that is, capable of accepting, assuming, acting, thanking, valuing, respecting and adapting. A loving society, understanding that love is not felt, is created by applying these seven verbs on our relationship with the universe, with other people and with ourselves.

This is how the time has come for the ConAxión project. Its idealizers were prepared and summoned, like many other human beings, to put our talents, virtues and values ​​at the service of humanity, making our contribution of love to the greater purpose in this moment of planetary transition. Amparito and I became correspondents and life crossed our paths during the first and perhaps hardest phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. In March 2020, Amparito was in Abu Dhabi and I was in Madrid. We had several things in common: the same age, the same spiritual yearnings, the same country, her life in the United States left behind to fulfill a dream; me, a life in Brazil left behind to rediscover my roots; each with a pain to be healed; We both jumped into the void, spread wings and found in the same source what our soul was looking for: answers to the fundamental questions of the human being through the legacy of Gerardo Schmedling Torres and the School of Magic of Love.


We have become corresponding with this information of wisdom. Our results show us that we are transcending destiny and that the time has come for the ideas that make up our mission. Humanity requires workers, beings that when asleep destroy without knowing what they are doing, that the suffering caused by the destruction causes them to wake up and that when awake work together for reconstruction. This is a call, dare to materialize your dreams of a better world, starting with the reconstruction of yourself; to take that leap into the void. We all have a role and a mission that connects us with other human beings, discover yours and get to work, there is much to do and no time to waste. This blog will provide you with incentives to dream without limits and tools to prepare your action plan.

I am (or rather, I am) Viviana, a loving being who, after much suffering, took on the challenge of understanding and respecting the limitations of others and transcending my own. I am willing to be part of the community of workers who work for the planetary reconstruction, to start with me, for the creation of cooperative communities in peaceful, loving and happy coexistence, connected in actions of love. If you want to know more about me, you can find me on Instagram at @viaguilamunoz

Viviana Muñoz

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