About Mind in Power

MindinPower has developed a method to accompany people to resolve internal conflicts, to focus on continuous growth and enhance skills and abilities to consciously achieve more satisfactory results in life through Coaching and Bioreprogramming.

Amparo Trunik


My mission is to accompany you on the journey to your future where you can discover and develop your potential and transform your life.

I am Amparo Trunik ICF Certified Life Coach, Mentor and Bioreprogrammer; with training in personal development, leadership and NLP. I was a bank manager for 25 years and unknowingly used business coaching skills to motivate and inspire the people I interacted with. During those years in the banking sector, I was part of ELLAS –Embracing Latina Leadership Alliances, being a member of the board of directors and developing business growth and financial education workshops. This work earned me the “Exemplary Latina” award in recognition of my contribution to the Latino community.

In the search for my vocation, coaching allowed me to recognize my potential and talents, inspiring me to take the most important steps of my life, including supporting people to live their own transformation. I have been able to verify that through my own experiences and the tools offered by coaching, it is possible to develop communication, trust and active listening skills, which have allowed me to strengthen my capacity for service and recognize my life mission.

Developing my own inner work has allowed me to have greater awareness, free my mind from the limitations that prevented me from moving forward to feel happy and fulfilled in my profession, relationships, health and inner peace. This awareness has made it easier for me to recognize my own values ​​and talents, to feel more connected with my potential, with the acceptance of myself and my environment.

So, I invite you to give me the opportunity to accompany you in a process that allows you to find the answers that are within you.


Participate in global transformation through strategic alliances with bioreprogrammers and certified coaches, providing knowledge for human development that offers hope and positive changes in society.

Our Pillars

TRUST: We provide an environment of empathy through active listening, human warmth, communication, respect and the freedom to express thoughts and emotions. 

COMMITMENT: We respect mutual agreements, privacy, confidentiality and professional ethics. 

UNDERSTANDING: We support the process that is required to accept the past, heal the present and project towards the future.

 INNER PEACE: We accompany you to discover the emotional balance to accept thoughts, emotions and reactions.

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